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Other than Right Wing Tea Party groups, who else is the IRS targeting for examination?

Brian J. Crepeau | May 24, 2013

The usual suspects, including the wealthy, the self-employed, those with offshore accounts, those with complex investment and business transactions, and those with anomalous returns. Still, few audits are random. The primary method for selection is the IRS’ “Discriminant Information Function” (DIF). The DIF scores tax returns and the higher the score the more likely an…

Can same-sex spouses file joint state income tax returns, and are they now subject to the same Maryland estate tax laws as opposite-sex spouses?

Apr 26, 2013

The Maryland General Assembly recently passed HB 380 and HB 1031/SB 658 that affect income and estate taxes for same-sex spouses. If the Governor signs HB 380, same-sex spouses may file joint or married filing separate Maryland income returns, and may deduct the cost of health insurance paid by one-spouse for the benefit of the other…

I am a Maryland resident who owns a business in New Jersey. I pay tax on my income to both states. Am I entitled to a credit?

Brandon N. Mourges | Feb 22, 2013

In Comptroller v. Wynne, the Court of Appeals recently held that Maryland’s denial of a credit towards the local income tax portion of Maryland’s income tax regime for taxes paid to other states by a Maryland resident is unconstitutional. For example, if a resident generated income in a state with a 9% income tax rate,…

The IRS recently initiated an employment tax audit of my business. My accounting department informed me that some of my workers may have been improperly classified as independent contractors. What can I do to limit my exposure?

Brandon N. Mourges | Jan 25, 2013

Consider the Classification Settlement Program (CSP), under which the Internal Revenue Service must offer your company a settlement that includes a significantly reduced liability if your company meets the established criteria, including the consistent issuance of Forms 1099 each year to the class or classes of workers at issue. If there was a reasonable basis for treating the workers at…

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