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I was just informed that our partnership failed to file tax returns for a number of years. All partners received pro forma Schedules K-1, timely filed our individual tax returns, and reported all of our income from the partnership. What should we do?

Brandon N. Mourges | Feb 12, 2015

Even though partnership tax returns are furnished for information purposes, i.e., no tax is due with this return, substantial penalties can apply for failure to timely file these returns.  Aside from potential criminal penalties for willful failures to file, see Internal Revenue Code (“I.R.C.”) § 7203, a simple late filing can result in substantial civil…

IRS Fresh Start Program Offers Hope for Struggling Taxpayers

Feb 6, 2015

Getting on the wrong side of the Internal Revenue Service is something most everyone wishes to avoid. The consequences of falling behind on tax obligations can be quite severe and may include collection methods such as tax liens, levies, garnishments and even criminal sanctions. Fortunately, the IRS has put in place a Fresh Start initiative…

Are Offer in Compromise (OIC) and Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) cases eligible for post-Appeals mediation?

Jan 29, 2015

Yes. Post-Appeals mediation is now available for OIC and TFRP cases nationwide to help resolve disputes after unsuccessful negotiations with the IRS Office of Appeals (“Appeals”). For OIC cases, mediation is available for the following issues: valuing assets (including those held by a 3rd party and dissipated assets), taxpayer’s interest in joint assets, future income,…

ACA Requirements Create Confusion for Some Filers

Jan 28, 2015

With millions of Americans preparing to file their tax returns in advance of the April 15 deadline, many are discovering that key provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are impacting their liabilities more than they anticipated. This can lead to unpleasant surprises for the unwary who may have been expecting a much larger refund…

Important Considerations for 2014 Maryland Taxpayers

Jan 25, 2015

The April 15 deadline is fast approaching for Maryland taxpayers, who can expect some new changes to the 2015 tax filing season. If you need assistance with your 2014 returns or professional tax audit help, Rosenberg Martin Greenberg can help ensure you stay in compliance with IRS requirements and avoid costly penalties down the road. In…

New Laws, Tax Rules for 2015 Underscore Importance of Compliance

Jan 23, 2015

The start of the new year has brought Maryland, Virginia and D.C. metro area residents a host of new laws ranging from a hike in the state’s minimum wage, an increase in the gas tax, as well as the tax provisions relating to the Affordable Care Act, with which taxpayers across the nation must now…

See Leigh Kessler in The Daily Record’s Movers and Shakers Section

Dec 16, 2014

Our newest Tax Controversy partner, Leigh Kessler, was featured in The Daily Record’s Movers and Shakers section on December 16, 2014.  Click here to read the article: leighkesslertdr121614.pdf

Will the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) – Employer Mandate Complicate Worker Classification Issues for Business Owners?

Brian J. Crepeau | Dec 4, 2014

Absolutely!  The already multifaceted laws governing the differentiation of “Employee” or “Independent Contractor” is further complicated by the Affordable Care Act’s (“ACA”) employer mandate set to be implemented in 2015.  The employer mandate will expand complicated regulations and include increased enforcement actions by the IRS. The employer mandate requires certain employers with 100 or more…

I am a U.S. citizen and own rental real estate in a foreign country. Am I required to report my rental income on my U.S. tax return?

Giovanni V. Alberotanza | Nov 13, 2014

Yes.  Most countries tax their citizens based on where those citizens reside.  However, U.S. citizens are required to report their worldwide income.  Therefore, if you are a U.S. citizen who owns income producing property in a foreign jurisdiction, you must report that income on your U.S. tax return.  To the extent you have rental expenses…

Is litigation the only option after failing to reach a resolution at a hearing with the IRS Office of Appeals?

Oct 9, 2014

No.  The IRS Office of Appeals (“Appeals”) offers two alternatives for taxpayers unsatisfied the result produced by the Appeals process but unwilling to bear the cost of litigation. A taxpayer may request Post Appeals Mediation (“PAM”) by submitting a written statement to Appeals detailing his or her position on a specific disputed issue.  If Appeals…

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