Advertisements for do-it-yourself tax solutions may sound attractive but there are times when there is simply no substitute for a Baltimore tax lawyer. The following are a few of the reasons you should draw on the expertise of a tax attorney at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg.

You face tax penalties.

We have seen the number of criminal tax investigations rise significantly in recent years. Tax penalties can include civil fines or even imprisonment. A few reasons the IRS or a state taxing authority may impose tax penalties include failing to make proper estimate tax payments, filing or paying your taxes late, understating your income or failing to file a tax return. You can file an application for apenalty abatement but the application must meet the specific requirements of the taxing authority in order to be considered.

Working with a Maryland criminal tax defense lawyer can greatly increase your chances of success if you are facing an IRS income tax fraud investigation or to have such penalties abated.

You qualify for 2015 tax amnesty.

If you are in arrears on your Maryland taxes, you may be in luck. The Maryland General Assembly has approved a 2015 tax amnesty program, running from September 1 through October 30, 2015. The amnesty program offers relief to delinquent taxpayers, cutting in half the interest they owe and absolving participants of civil penalties.

There are number of conditions and exclusions involved in the program and a Baltimore tax attorney at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg is prepared to help you understand how the program can help you.

You do not want to deal directly with the IRS.

The IRS recognizes the right of each taxpayer to designate another person as their representative. This means that by signing a power of attorney, you can avoid the need to talk to the IRS; your Rosenberg Martin Greenberg tax lawyer will do that for you. Whether you are facing penalties, a tax audit, or any other IRS inquiry, dealing with the IRS is stressful. Having your Maryland tax lawyer do that on your behalf can help to put you at ease.

You plan to marry. Or divorce.

For better or worse, a change in marital status will impact your tax returns; ironically, it will make you richer or poorer. It can also raise complicating questions such as how to file your returns. Depending on the specifics of your situation, there may be overlap between the status options. You may be single or “head of household”; should you file a joint return or “married filing separately”? In the case of divorce, who may claim the children? A Rosenberg Martin Greenberg tax lawyer can help you walk through these and other questions.

You have foreign bank accounts.

American taxpayers are tasked with understanding the tax obligations of any foreign holdings. There is an obligation to disclose any foreign bank accounts, foreign-derived income, and foreign-based assets and failure to do so can result in both civil penalties and criminal charges. Tax laws related foreign accounts can be a minefield so it is always a good idea to consult with a Baltimore tax lawyer.

At Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, we understand the stress you may be experiencing. Our focus is assisting taxpayers in finding their optimal resolution of tax issues. For a confidential review of your situation, please call 410-727-6600.